Ready to Build your own A.I.?

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Learn Artificial Intelligence

At North S.T.A.R. we provide High-end Infrastructure

on which you will learn to build your own A.I.

Our Infrastructure find Out how

Build an exciting career in AI

Learn today and be a part of the future which will be dependent on this technology.

A.I. will be a part of our day to day life and impact all sectors such as automobile, health-care, finance, telecom and education.

Learn artificial intelligence with practical hands-on training at NSTAR, this subject is dynamic and is constantly growing and changing.

What you will learn in this course

When we say application we mean our student will learn to build A.I. models capable to executing simple and complex tasks. Utilizing programming languages to analyze data and apply machine learning, and predictive analytics to build sophisticated AI models to execute many day to day tasks

During this course you will learn and get a deep understanding of Neural Networks, Prolog, Pure & Applied AI, Intelligent agent, Bayes rule, HMM’s, Deep Learning, TensorFlow and more. To know more fill out your details and let us call you.

Want a reason to choose North S.T.A.R.?

We compiled the top 6.

Hands-on Training

Unlike Online Courses (which is simply a man/woman talking on the screen), we make sure you are trained hands-on. There is no substitute.

New-Age Learning

We teach our students how to build their own AI. Our new age learning environment trains our students in various techniques for mastering artificial intelligence.

Hi-End Infrastructure

With the best-in-the-industry infrastructure that is used in only in real work environmentswe have eliminated the gap between education and real world experience.

Industry Leaders

We provide training with Industry Leaders in a development environment that ensures you get all the attention needed to resolve your queries and achieve mastery.

This is not a theoretical course, our students work on real industry projectswhich gives them practical hands-on training required to build and work on AI.

Side-effect: After training, you are the top contender for employment in the company you build the project for. And others like them.

Money Matters

We understand that money can enable and disable your ambitions. So we made sure that our fees is easy to mangeand flexible. To make it even easier we even roped in some of the best Financial Institutions to help provide you no-interest EMI, just in case you need it.

Sounds exciting! I'd like to know more!


You can build Artificial Intelligence models which will control traffic lights as per the actual flow of vehicles? Yes you guessed it right, applying A.I. to the simplest of the daily tasks which will reduce overheads for business, building process flows and more. This is exactly what you will learn at North S.T.A.R

Job opportunities in Artificial Intelligence

  • AI Research Analyst
  • AI Developer
  • AI Research Scientist
  • Algorithm specialists
  • AI Engineer
  • Autnomous Drone Programmer
  • Medical Health Professionals (working with artificial limbs, prosthetics, hearing, vision devices)

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