Seminar on
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We are delighted to inform you that nStar is in collaboration with Ruia college for a seminar on Artificial Intelligence.

FEBRUARY, 24th - 25th, 2019

Auditorium, Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College,
Matunga (East), Mumbai 400 019

AI & Machine Learning Seminar

Self-driving car ? Satellite-bots ? These are no more dreams now ! If you're interested in this career field and wondering how to get started, then register with us now !

Venue: Ruia College

Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College, L. N. Road, Matunga (East), Mumbai 400 019

Date: 24/2/2019 (Sunday) – 25/2/2019 (Monday)

Time: 10 A.M. Onwards

How to find us: 5 mins from Matunga central railway station


Full Name

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence not so surprisingly is the most dominated field in present day. From automating monotonous tasks to making it possible for machines understand our behavior, Artificial Intelligence can make our lives a whole lot easy.

Is it my cup of tea?

We, at North Star are collaborating with Ramnarain Ruia College, Matunga to conduct a seminar on Artificial Intelligence. If the world of science and technology fascinates you, it is definitely made for you!

Why should I attend this seminar?

If modern technology leaves you spellbound and you wish to contribute and be a part of it but not sure how, this seminar would bring a lot of clarity. This seminar could be the start of something new!

What will the seminar cover?

This seminar would entail a complete gist on the applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Data Science, along with CAREER PROSPECTS in these fields. The seminar would also comprise of a workshop and hands on experience working with Artificial Intelligence.

Free !!

Day 1

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Venue : IT lab Junior college

  • Introduction to Python
  • Basics of python
  • Logic based programming
  • Create 1st neural network
  • Q n A
  • Counselling / Talk with experts
Free !!

Day 2

Monday, 25 February 2019

Venue : Auditorium

  • Introduction to AI
  • How AI was born?
  • Existance of AI in real world?
  • Data science – Need of analytics
  • Importance of Machine Learning in AI
  • Future of AI and Us (jobs)
  • How AI works? (ML algorithms)
  • Job prospects
  • Lack of skills in market
  • Q n A

Keynote Speaker

Jai Gupta

AI & Cyber Security Expert

Founder & MD Northstar Pvt Ltd

We are an Artificial Intelligence company who work on projects with prestigious clients and in-house product development.
Event Completed

Journey of a long Udaan starts with a single step

If you can read this, then consider yourself fortunate. Illiteracy is all around us. We know it, we can see it. What are we really doing about it?

Nstar is a proud co-sponsor of an event, Udaan organized by the students of DY Patil university who have raised over 3 lakhs in their past events for unprivileged children.

Event Details

Udaan is a fund-raising initiative put forth by the students of DY Patil to raise money for people who cannot afford education. It would comprise of a marathon which is organized by students of DY Patil single-handedly.

We raise by lifting others. Be a part of Udaan!

Time : 7am - 11am

Date : 10th February 2019

Venue : DY Patil Stadium, Nerul

Do your bit and help the little birdie spread it's wings and take it's first Udaan

Why Udaan with nStar?

As an Artificial Intelligence company we are on a constant look out for talent. Talent can be found everywhere. The limitations can only be let go if we live in a world with equal privileges. You cannot expect Galileo to discover stars with no telescope.

Udaan team has put tremendous efforts to do their part in eliminating a small fraction of literacy.