Become a Full Stack Developer in 3 months.

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Full Stack Development Course

Become a developer in 3 months.

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Build anything. Be everything.

The identity of a good developer relies in the ease of code applied by him.

With most companies moving towards digital platforms there is high demand for full stack developers. At NSTAR our teaching techniques will ensure you learn how to develop Apps in a matter of 20 days. These techniques you learn at here will help you in not just for applying for a job but to build businesses, freelance or even start your own agency. During your course you will learn full stack development by applying yourself on real life projects. So are you excited and want to know more, fill out your details and let us call you.

What you will learn in this course

Learn how to use general-purpose programming language such as Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. CSS, HTML, Javascript for building front end dynamic applications. During this course you will go through robust training in developing smooth and multi-functional back-end platforms, learn UI, website and App development, Idempotent, Scripting, Layers of Application, Protocols, Servers such as nginx, apache etc. relational database system such as Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, etc. Deployment operating system such as Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, etc. Version-control system (Git/SVN) To know more about our Full Stack Development course fill out your contact details and let us call you.

Want a reason to choose North S.T.A.R.?

We compiled the top 6.

Hands-on Training

Unlike Online Courses (which is simply a man/woman talking on the screen), we make sure you are trained hands-on in full stack development. There is no substitute.

New-Age Learning

When we say #ApplyitMasterit we mean it.. Our new age learning environment trains our students in various techniques for mastering development of the front-end, the server-side and the back-end.

Hi-End Infrastructure

With the best-in-the-industry infrastructure that is used in only in real work environments we have eliminated the gap between education and real world experience.Training inFull Stack Development atNSTAR ensures that the environments for all the stages namely Testing, Staging and Production, be available at all times.

Industry Leaders

We provide training with Industry Leaders in a development environment that ensures you get all the attention needed to resolve your queries and achieve mastery.

Real Industry Projects

This is not a theoretical course, our students work on real industry projectswhich gives them practical hands-on training required for Penetration Testing, building practical high availability Servers for web and applications.

Side-effect: After training, you are the top contender for employment in the company you build the project for. And others like them.

Money Matters

We understand that money can enable and disable your ambitions. So we made sure that our fees is easy to mangeand flexible. To make it even easier we even roped in some of the best Financial Institutions to help provide you no-interest EMI, just in case you need it.

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Full-Stack Development requires you to cover a lot of skills. You make the front-end and connect the back end together. This is the glue that hold hold nearly all software technologies together.

Job opportunities for Full Stack Developers

  • Full stack developer
  • Development Operations (DevOps)
  • Software Architect
  • Code tester
  • PHP Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Python Developer

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