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Machine Learning Course

Train deep in Deep Learning at NSTAR
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Get a deep understanding of Machine Learning

Get a deep understanding of Machine Learning Machine learning enables analysis of massive quantities of data.

The present and future ways of working will demand data collection, analysis and predictive models which will lead to effective decision making.

What you will learn in this course

Faster ways of delivering at more accurate results in order to identify profitable opportunities or dangerous risks. At NSTAR you will learn the basics of analyzing data, building data grids and data sets. Further you will learn combining machine learning with AI and cognitive technologies which will help you in making effective models for processing large volumes of information. You will learn how to create algorithms with various programming languages, master advanced concepts in supervised and unsupervised learning and much more.

During this course you will learn and get a deep understanding of Overfitting, Inducticve ML, Probalistic Nets, SVM, Genetic programming, Pattern recognition and much more. To know more fill out your contact details and let us call you.

Want a reason to choose North S.T.A.R.?

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Hands-on Training

Unlike Online Courses (which is simply a man/woman talking on the screen), we make sure you are trained hands-on. Because we know that the best way to understand Machine learning is in your own highly equipped labs for running algorithms and testing results. There is no substitute.

New-Age Learning

You are brought to a level where you are capable of understanding the various techniques for mastering all of the latest concepts of machine learning.

Hi-End Infrastructure

With the best-in-the-industry infrastructure that is used in only in real machine learning environmentswe have eliminated the gap between education and real world experience.

Industry Leaders

We provide training with Industry Leaders in a development environment that ensures you get all the attention needed to resolve your queries and achieve mastery.

Real Industry Projects

This is not a theoretical course, our students work on real industry projectswhich gives them practical hands-on training required in machine learning.

Side-effect: After training, you are the top contender for employment in the company you build the project for. And others like them.

Money Matters

We understand that money can enable and disable your ambitions. So we made sure that our fees is easy to mangeand flexible. To make it even easier we even roped in some of the best Financial Institutions to help provide you no-interest EMI, just in case you need it.

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The skills in machine learning require knowledge of Computer science fundamentals and programming, knowledge of probability, statistics, software engineering and system design. Data modeling and evaluation give an even better understanding to the concepts of machine learning. By the end of this course all of these skills will be yours.

Job opportunities in Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Machine Learning Data Scientist
  • Deep Learning Engineer
  • Computer Vision/NLP Architect
  • Analytics Consultant – Python + Machine Learning + NLP + Text Minning
  • Lead Machine Learning and Analytics
  • Image Processing Engineer

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